How do we operate?

Mission Systems puts autonomy into the next generation of robots, whether in the air, on the ground or under the sea.

We know a lot about robotics, from sensing through to control, and have come a long way in a short time using existing tools and developing our own code-bases to solve complex real world problems.

We achieve results by leveraging game-engine simulations and applying them to real-world robotics problems to accelerate development.

Who are we looking for?

We have a rapidly growing team of experts at our hardware and software labs on Sydney’s North Shore – and we’re looking for passionate game developers, experienced roboticists, and brilliant coders to join our ranks.

Due to the nature of Mission Systems work, Australian citizenship is required, in addition to the ability to obtain a security clearance.

Game Developer – UE4/C++/Python

We need a specialist game-developer to use their extensive experience with the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) game engine to join us in reaching the next level of realism, immersion and scalability for the next generation of robotic and AI systems.

A strong desire to apply your core game development skills to real-world robotics is key.


Develop software for the training of robotic and machine learning systems through realistic simulation.

Liaise with collaborative partners to develop frameworks for next-generation autonomy, simulation and control.

Work in a team to build an architecture for embedded autonomy – allowing robots to imagine their own environments through embedded simulation.

Core Skills

C++/Python (3+ years)
Physically based rendering (2+ years)
Unreal Engine 4 plugins (1+ years)

Preferred Additional Experiences

Fluency with Linux Operating Systems
Physics Engine programming
Photo-realistic real-time rendering
Ray Tracing
ARM architecture embedded systems
Familiarity with Blender/BGE

What we can offer…

This is a full-time job, with the potential to work on a problem that isn’t going to be solved overnight.

You will be working with cutting-edge technology, to give intelligence to flying cars, high-speed off-road vehicles and teams of underwater drones that are digital twins of real-world platforms currently in development.